If you trip on a ledge, don’t stumble your way into falling off a cliff


When you fall, you don’t always have to start from the beginning. What do I mean by that? Well, I commonly see a lot of people who set goals for themselves, and consistently under perform on what they set out to do. After about the first failure, discouragement creeps in and finally the goals are discarded. Now to decipher what’s wrong with this scenario, let’s consider a real life example.

Bob is addicted to smoking crack

Bob stops smoking crack

Bob joins AAA

Bob gets to a week in sober

Bob smokes again

Bob get’s his one week sobriety chip revoked

Bob starts from Day 1

Bob is angry that all his hard work meant nothing in the end, ┬ádecides he can’t stay sober and starts smoking again

Bob tries heroin

Bob never goes to AAA again


The thing with Bob is…well I guess it’s that he’s addicted to crack. The example may be extreme, but the point is that he didn’t see his progress as a goal in itself. Instead of taking heed of the strides he made during his journey, he treated his fall as an utter defeat. That’s akin to playing a video game, beating half the bosses, losing, resetting the game to level 1, and claiming you might as well not play anymore.

No! That’s not a good way to treat things! In our lives, we as humans tend to see our incomplete goals as lost causes. The thing is, giving in to this sick game of human psychology, we’re all unconsciously making the conscience decision to restart the game. To never backtrack on good progress seems logical, yet most of us see a fall where a stumble should be. Smokers who relapse after 5 years get punished by a removal of their blue chip, students will usually falter in their study habits with the outcome of one bad test, and an offender of petty theft may think of themselves as a full fledged criminal mastermind with no hope of redemption!

Anyway, all I ask of you the reader is to treat the stumble accordingly and be proud you even got so far as to even have the opportunity of stumbling because that my friend, is an accomplishment in itself.

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