It seems that every single one of us humans live on with the knowledge that we all will someday be disappointed. Some times the periods of disappointment are few and far between, and other they’re more frequent but we all know it’s coming. Whether it’s from our fellow kin, environmental circumstances, or even ourselves, we cannot avoid it. Yet we still move on hopeful. They say optimism is key to living your best life, but what happiness can optimism bring when we’re all predestined for disappointment? Sure an optimistic view of wanting to win a lottery will fill you with excitement until lottery day, but won’t the optimism about your improbable situation hit harder when it fails compared to if you just kept a pessimistic view from the offset? A quote I’ve often cited is “It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.” Ever since I first heard that quote it’s resonated with me. Such a striking way to view reality; In the appreciative way of one’s history rather than the lost quality of one’s life in the future. It indicates the prioritization of one’s maximal current happiness as the goal rather than the future gain with the logic that the memories of a valuable experience is worth more than the future moments of less glory.

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