I want to strangle my roommate

And maybe beat his face in a little bit. He borders on someone who I feel shares similar behavior to at times, but that I also hate with an intense passion. Maybe it’s because I think he’s full of contradictions and regardless of whatever his IQ is or how well he performs at his job, I walk away a lot from him thinking “wow, this guy is kind of stupid.” I find myself saying it in A LOT of ways. He’s a hippie with a self-righteous stride about him who touts what many would consider hippie-like values. He’s the type of guy who’s opposed to war, appreciates nature and likes protecting the environment, and loves taking drugs. On the same note he’s also the type of guy to *gently* push his views onto others. He’s a sensitive guy who I may not be walking on eggshells around, but maybe it’s more like vases.
What brings me to the hate post for today is his unwavering love for his cat. What pisses me off about his love for his cat is his reason for loving her — his adulation for her “cuteness”. I’ll gloss over my disdain for pet ownership here as well and will focus on what I mean by him loving her because she’s cute. As a pet, she’s not the most desirable. She meows a lot but for no apparent reason as she does this short periods after eating and runs away on encounter, she runs full speed at random times through the house with no explanation, and she barfs a lot and has medical complications that run medical bills to the hundreds if not thousands. To put it in short words, she’s stupid like her owner.
Now I don’t immediately dislike weird behavior (I’m a weird person myself), but what infuriates me is the lack of self-awareness of one’s subjective opinions. My roomate is one such person who has an intense hatred for littering for example and acts like someone who tosses a paper out the window should be addressed for their high moral offense. What I wonder about is where this anger comes from. Is it because he’s personifying nature and feels he must defend nature’s feelings from getting hurt? Is he trying to make a stance for the future generation because he thinks that one piece of paper will affect his kids in the future? Is he just angry at the fact they’ve slightly cluttered a small area enough to corrupt his aesthetic? If it’s a problem he has with the desecration of nature, then the best thing that he could do for nature is, in the words of my roommates past, suicide to reduce his ecological footprint. I could even help him with goals for that one! The other 2 reasons he could be angry would just reinforce my belief that he’s an absolute idiot.
Today I got riled up because he asked me to stop chasing his cat because maybe he thinks I’ve deeply emotionally scarred his animal slave. What his small drug-addled brain fails to understand is that the cat literally does not care. I’ve done it to get her to stop meowing, which it’s pretty affective at, which first starts with a process of me trying to pet her. If she runs off on the first pet and she keeps meowing then she’ll bolt and I leave her. Now if she’s still meowing after that I’ll keep chasing her until it stops. Maybe she’ll learn from the bad behavior, but judging from the fact that 50% of the time she comes right back out of the room within 2 minutes and meows again, indications are showing she’s not all that in-tune to learning like her pea-brained owner.
Anyway his one comment is making me use 90% of my will power to restrain myself from trying to physically destroy him. His annoying levels have reached new heights and if he was smart enough he would notice the rising tensions and leave my house soon since it’s been more than a month at this point. He did pay me $1000 for the month of May (even when I said it was okay not to) but I don’t want the rent payment for one month to suddenly negate my wishes for him to stay 1 month. In fact I told him the expectation was 1-2 months after detailing past hardships with previous roommates overstaying. Hopefully we make it through the next 2 weeks when he’ll hopefully organize somewhere for himself to stay. It’s not like he’s hurting for money so I’m surprised at how long it’s taking him (especially because he already stated that he would already try and find a place for the intermediate month in-between my place and his future long-term residence). Again, let’s hope I can survive these next couple weeks without catching a case.