Tips For College

Learning isn’t the same with everyone.  Don’t get discouraged if you’re not making the grades everyone else is — you’re there to learn (and unfortunately pass so you don’t lose money), and will use your knowledge that you learned just as effectively as anyone else in the workforce(or at least a good 50% of the workforce). Studying is essential (unless you have a photographic memory) and you will have to buckle down and cram things occasionally. Spend time analyzing how you learn and always seek the most efficient way to retain information. Acknowledge that reading the book doesn’t have to be the only way to study — and there are some pretty interesting methods out there. Some examples would be writing notes on your hand to see them throughout the day, having post-it notes all over your room, and even making scanned copies notes into your phone wallpaper. Some of these may sound ridiculous at first, but in my experience you have to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Soon enough you’ll start to realize that time is one of the most valuable resources to have, and the most horrible things to waste. Although I may make it sound easy to study, I personally have a hard time doing it and am constantly underperforming. The thing that matters is that I try, and know that there’s always room from growth. I’m not one to believe that anyone can do/be whatever they want with enough work put in, but I also know for a fact that I’ll never know definitively until I try.